An idea

The idea for Peer Mentor Circles was inspired by three things: 

  1. Hearing other young people discuss difficulties they face in the workplace.

  2. Reflecting on the challenges that I have faced at work or in my career, and how I have chosen to deal with them.

  3. A fantastic Women's brunch organised by the Women Empowerment Network ( in June 2017.

At the Women's brunch, I found myself surrounded by successful, motivated peers, in different fields, who all came with the same problems and questions that I face. Ambitious, intelligent, capable, people looking up for a mentor, while I found myself looking around at a room full of them. I wanted more time to hear about their career journeys, how they have overcome obstacles and how they planned to tackle the newer, bigger ones to come. I wanted a safe space to have candid conversations, to learn from my peers, and to appreciate the depth and breath of untapped knowledge and experience that could be useful to more people if we simply asked for help. 

Discovering that I am not alone in my search for answers, clarity and guidance has been a huge relief. By bringing people from different backgrounds and with different experiences together, we gain more nuanced perspectives on the common challenges that so many of us face today.

By sharing what we know, we will help each other grow.


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Finding a safe space to work through your personal challenges isn't always easy. That’s why we would love for you to join us and share your experiences, your questions, your frustrations, your challenges and your goals.

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Oreoluwa George-Taylor 

I have always been passionate about learning, sharing, communicating and collaborating. My experience as an Organisational Development & Learning Consultant redefined my understanding of the impact of effective coaching and social learning on longer term personal development. I've learned the most from conversations with friends, colleagues and business partners. The best ways to learn are from experience and from each other. I hope that starting the Peer Mentor Circles helps more young people connect, through constructive dialogue, to an online community of peers. Let’s support and empower each other. By sharing what we know, we help others grow.



MSc Social Policy & Development, 2013

BSc Politics & Sociology, 2012

Professional Interests 

• Learning and Organisational Development
• External Relations: CSR & Social Investment
• Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy 

Personal Interests 

• Theatre
• Film
• Travel
• Reading: Fiction & Comics