• Be respectful to all members at all times.


Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Respect the privacy of members, and do not share personal details, examples or information about others without their explicit permission. 
  • Do not share confidential or sensitive information about yourself, your employer or colleagues. This includes, but is not limited to coded projects, confidential business activities, private/confidential data. 
  • Do not upload sensitive/private content anywhere on the Peer Mentor Circles site. 

Criticise the Behaviour, not the Person

  • Challenge ideas, assumptions and behaviours respectfully
  • Share feedback and guidance constructively - focus on behaviours, actions and decision-making when sharing observations with others. 
  • Make suggestions about what others could do differently to achieve a better outcome.

Be an Active Listener

  • Do not interrupt or talk over others. 
  • Listen to understand and not simply to respond.